Inspiring younger Hungry Minds scholars

Hungry Minds was excited to welcome its Batch 1 Manila alumni – Justine, Jonalyn and Jolimar to Hungry Minds Pasay school.

The alumni visited their former teachers and shared their Hungry Minds journey to the the current Grade 6 students. The kids smiled when Justine and Jonalyn mentioned how Read Naturally helped them in College even until today – in their current jobs!

Before saying goodbye to the kids, the alumni emphasized the importance of giving back. As what Jolimar said: “Help one another. When you become successful, look around and pull others up.”


This is Justine and Jolimar’s first time to visit Hungry Minds.
Jolimar is based in the US where he works as a Sign Language Teacher. They are all doing well in th e respective careers. Justine works as a Copywriter and Community Manager of Kino Consumer (Lola Remedios) while Jonalyn is a Recruitment Specialist of Pilipinas Shell. She also often visits and participates in Hungry Minds alumni activities.

Thank you, Justine, Jonalyn and Jolimar for sharing your Hungry Minds journey and for inspiring the Hungry Minds kids! 😁👍😀

These are the kinds of students you help in Hungry Minds. Be part of the scholars’ learning journey. Visit!

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