Helping children
and helping
fulfill their
employees’ lives

Roni Ng(Navitaire)Mhel Manuguid(Cargill)Paul tongson(Navitaire)

Navitaire employee, Roni Ng, writes:

COMMITMENT…DEDICATION…SIMPLICITY.. Those were the things that made a huge impression on me when we visited the children’s community. A mother told me:

“We make pastillas and polvoron for a living… We’re planning to make dilis polvoron next… These should be good for malnourished children.”

“My kids are all grown up…I don’t have a child in grade 4… So I help the community recruit kids for Hungry Minds… I want to give something back to society.”

In the midst of material scarcity and deprivation, these community volunteers make up for the scarcity through their abundance of dedication to help the community members. In spite of the lack of high school diplomas, these community volunteers are still committed to helping the community children find a good education and a good future.

It is amazing how you can learn so much from such simplicity. The people I interacted with had so little in terms of material wealth but had so much of the intangibles…of hope and dedication and faith…intangibles that hold more value than the things we see and buy. In a world where we are too caught up with wanting and needing more, we should take a step back and learn to appreciate what we have and what we hold. Because it is only then when we can truly be happy.