Partners in the Philippines

Food for Hungry Minds mobilizes the resources and expertise necessary to provide and support high-quality education for children from poor communities throughout the world.

To do so, Food for Hungry Minds engages local partners who establish Food for Hungry Minds affiliate organizations that carry out the initiatives to provide poor children with high-quality education, in ways that are:

  • Replicable
  • Results-focused
  • Geared towards enabling sponsors to personally bridge global divides

Food for Hungry Minds helps mobilize the partners necessary for educational success. In each location, partners representing these sectors are identified and brought together:

  • High-quality education partner
  • Reputable community agency with high trust relationships in the community
  • Business sponsors

Local Food for Hungry Minds affiliates are established as NGOs that go through the process of local accreditation. Affiliates run schools aligned with the Food for Hungry Minds model, bringing best educational practices into communities where malnutrition, violence, and illness are endemic. Since it provides both support for educational success and assistance financially and organizationally, Food for Hungry Minds International receives regular academic and fiscal reporting. The mission is compassionate. Execution is hard-nosed.

In its ongoing international role, Food for Hungry Minds:

  • Supports the creation of schools by identifying and supporting local partners in the establishment of Food for Hungry Minds schools in locations throughout the world
  • Provides ongoing support to develop the teachers, administrators, and practices that will sustain educational excellence among partner schools
  • Monitors educational results and finances of affiliate schools to ensure mission alignment
  • Engages sponsors to fund these educational initiatives

Bridging the gulf between the resources of the world’s wealthy and communities of the poor involve substantial, creative networking. The complexity of running a school and providing quality Philippine education for a poor community’s children requires discovering and enlisting strong, local partners with a heart for education charities that can collectively access the skills and resources necessary for success.

Education Partner

CENTEX – Centex, the Ayala Foundation’s Center of Excellence in Public Elementary Education, has committed its expertise in dealing with education issues particularly in educating disadvantaged children.

Out of its proven track record, Centex shared an integrated curriculum, teacher training, and classroom methodology. The Centex team also provided local knowledge of standardized testing, the application process, and suppliers for a more holistic Philippine basic education.

Community Development Partners: Manila and Bulacan Schools

Families and Children for Empowerment and Development (FCED) – FCED, recognized by the United Nations for work educating parents and supporting children, has mobilized parents, facilitated health care, and provided parent education for the launch of Food for Hungry Minds School which serves families in the depressed areas of Paco and Pandacan, Metro Manila.

Corporate Sponsors

Food for Hungry Minds was launched and operates with support of corporate sponsors who commit to the results-oriented program. This first class of children met at the American Chamber of Commerce Foundation in Manila. Launch donors Navitaire Inc. (an Accenture company) led in sponsoring the first Food for Hungry Minds School in the Philippines. Cargill’s global commitment to corporate citizenship and education, as well as the success of its animal nutrition business in the Philippines, contributed to Cargill’s decision to sponsor the lead class in Bulacan, where several of its plants operate.