Hungry Minds Feature: Teacher Bevz

Almost 10 years ago, a young lady was invited to apply for a teaching position in a then-newly established non-profit school in Malolos, Bulacan. That was the start of her Hungry Minds journey.

Today, she is known to many as Teacher Bevz – the class adviser of Grade 4 students in Hungry Minds Bulacan.

Already on her 10th school year, Teacher Bevz shared why she decided to stay in Hungry Minds:
“I believe in the mission of Hungry Minds. When I get to fulfill its mission, it’s like I also fulfill my personal mission and purpose in life. I believe in helping the underprivileged children to have faith, to dream big, to set goals, and to really believe that they can reach their goals through small steps that they can take.”

Thank you, Teacher Bevz, for your commitment, dedication and love to Hungry Minds and to our kids! Hungry Minds community is truly grateful and happy to have you!

teacher-bevz_v2Story & Photo by Aina Abell