HM Learners Visit to Cargill Plant in Malolos!

Hungry Minds Malolos learners goes on a plant visit at Cargill Animal Nutrition and Health in Malolos Bulacan!

They got to learn more about Cargill, its employees and the work they do. Cargill Strategic Management and Technology Team (SMT) and Operations Team toured the learners around the Cargill office and their plant.

This allowed Malolos learners to learn and experience new things outside their classrooms and to interact with Cargill employees during a sharing circles session. They shared stories and personal experiences in school, at home and at work. Cargill has been a partner of Hungry Minds in transforming the lives of underprivileged children since 2006!

The company has supported the education of 6 batches of kids – with their current class now in Grade 6. Volunteers have participated in school activities, doing back-to-school activities for Malolos School and organized employee-fundraising activities for the needs of the Hungry Minds scholars.

Thank you, Cargill and Cargill Employees for your commitment to transform the lives of Hungry Minds children. This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience for our learners!

Join us as we continue to transform more lives. Support the education of Hungry Minds learners. Click and make a difference today!

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