towards our


Through quality education, we give hope to one child, one classroom, and one corner of the
world at a time.

Mission Statement

Hungry Minds bridges global divides to provide high performance educational initiatives for disadvantaged children, empowering and inspiring them to succeed in life.

Core Values


  • Stretch to understand and feel the suffering of others
  • Dare to be in situations that expand one’s experience
  • Notice resistance to empathizing with perspectives of others
  • Develop capacity of listening and dialogue
  • Wrestle with responses to whatever seems overwhelming
  • Practice gentleness with oneself and others


  • Execute to high standards
  • Assume the great promise of every life
  • Define high expectations and hold to standards
  • Continuously evaluate results against goals
  • Dare to face the brutal facts
  • Tune into the varied faces of excellence


  • Foster growth through labor and care
  • Engage all learners’ best energies
  • Evaluate current development
  • Identify and remove blocks to growth
  • Fertilize with readily absorbable materials
  • Celebrate each unique life


  • Reliably tend reputation for integrity
  • Work to match word and deed
  • Offer trust to others
  • Deliver what is promised
  • Say what needs to be said
  • Foster trust by consistent, positive behavior

Bayanihan (Filipino word meaning shared community effort)

  • Act as a community to accomplish hard tasks
  • See own efforts as part of a larger community effort
  • Partner to accomplish more
  • Clearly identify common goal
  • Tend relationships
  • Contribute fair share