Taking Courage

“In 2019, I started Scrimpy, an online thrift shop, to help me and my family in our daily expenses. However, when the pandemic started, I made a difficult decision to close my business. It wasn’t doing well as it used to and I started to lose my confidence.

Through our regular “kamustahan” session, I realized that I can still do what I love despite the pandemic. Our regular session with Hungry Minds Coordinators is a place for scholars like me to not only talk about academics but even our mental health. It gave me the courage to go back and start my online business again. I am consistently doing Facebook live to sell thrift clothes. This also gave me an opportunity to donate some clothes to less fortunate families and non-profit organizations in our community so I can continue promoting environmental sustainability by helping reduce waste caused by clothes.”

Y6 – PLM
Hungry Minds scholar

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