Amadeus Volunteer Day 2023!

Thank you, Navitaire and Amadeus volunteers, for spending your Saturday morning to teach our learners and for always making us part of the Amadeus Volunteer Day!🤩👏 🥳

Our learners were happy and excited to meet all of you in our Pasay School.😊 This is a big help to our learners as they prepare for their quarter exams this week!🏫 😁

Navitaire has been a partner of Hungry Minds in transforming the lives of underprivileged children since 2004!✨🤝 The company has supported the education of 7 batches of kids – with their current class now in Grade 5.🙂 Volunteers have participated in school activities, tutored students and organized fundraising activities for the Hungry Minds scholars.

Be part of the community that transforms lives through education! Click and make a difference today!😀

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