Transforming Lives: A Lawyer’s Story

“It takes a village to raise a lawyer, and this is especially true in my case, so huge thanks is owed to the following people who got me where I am today…
To Hungry Minds, for opening a door of opportunities for me. Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with these people and more.”

Justine Navarro
Graduate, UP College of Law
UST, BS Psychology
Cum Laude

Our warmest congratulations to Hungry Minds alumna, Justine for graduating from the UP College of Law!

Your Hungry Minds family is so proud of you! May you continue to reach your dreams and inspire other Hungry Minds scholars.

Thank you to all Hungry Minds friends who helped make this possible for Hungry Minds scholars like Justine.

There are many future Justines in Hungry Minds. Together, let us continue to transform the lives of Hungry Minds scholars. Click to support a Hungry Minds scholar today!


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