Hungry Minds kids inspire a future educator!

With his busy schedule and demanding research study, Anthony , a former Kaya Collaborative fellow, took time to visit Hungry Minds to spend time with the Hungry Minds kids before he goes back to the US.

Along with this year’s Kaya Co fellows, Kuya Anthony shared why he likes to visit Hungry Minds:

“I want to be an educator. Along the way, I get lost why I want to do this work. And every time I come back here at Food for Hungry Minds, I realized it’s for you all. I realized the amount of work the teachers are putting to make sure that you can do the best you can. I realized the amount of work your parents are doing and most importantly, the amount of work you all are doing. And it’s really inspiring.

We hope that we can inspire you as someone that is leading you to the next step. But I always get reminded that you all inspire me to do what I need to in my life.”

Thank you, Kuya Anthony for continuously inspiring and believing in the dreams of the Hungry Minds kids! We hope to see you again next year! 🙂