Partner Spotlight: Jenny Fong

“I got to know about Food for Hungry Minds School (HMS) when I was in Navitaire. As a volunteer, I had the chance to take part in school activities, tutor kids, and even visit their homes.”

Jenny started out as a volunteer in Hungry Minds tutoring children in the community on Saturdays. She now sits as a trustee in the Hungry Minds Board and has been a staunch supporter of educating underprivileged children since the program began.

Join Jenny in her goal of sending more Hungry Minds scholars to high school! Donations are accepted here:

Jenny’s page –…/12485-jenny-f…
PayPal –
Cash and/or check deposits: BPI (Ayala Paseo Branch)
Account Name: Food for Hungry Minds School, Inc.
Peso Account Number: 0031-0712-32
US Dollar Account Number: 0034-0392-59

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