Accenture Basketball Club promotes healthy mind and body to Hungry Minds kids!

Accenture Basketball Club has been a partner of Hungry Minds School in providing underprivileged children with high-quality education and in meeting each child’s basic needs such as meals and school supplies.

With commitment to support the students of Hungry Minds, a fundraising activity was organized and conducted by the members of Accenture Basketball Club to help provide each child with proper nutrition that they need to have a healthy mind and body.

Last August 5, 2013, Accenture Basketball Club, led by Coach Jopet, visited Hungry Minds School in Pasay to deliver their donation of nutritious cereal drinks which are regularly served during breakfast to Hungry Minds kids.


Aside from academics, Hungry Minds also focuses on enriching each child’s social, emotional and physical well-being. It provides its students with regular meals – breakfast and lunch – every day in school to help them have a well-nourished body.

Thank you Accenture Basketball Club for contributing to this cause and for your continuous support to Hungry Minds!