Proof of
Education that

To keep donors updated and informed, Food for Hungry Minds provides its donors with reports and updates about the students and the school—from school activities to students’ awards and accomplishments to academic monitoring such as APSA results. Below is an example of test results reported to the sponsors of a recent class.

Hungry Minds’ Milestones:

  1. Makati Hungry Minds Grade 6 topped the 2012 National Achievement Test scores in Makati private schools for three consecutive years.
  2. Grade 6 students graduates are admitted to high competitive schools such as Manila Science High School, University of Santo Tomas Educational High School (UST-EHS), Paco Catholic High School, and Bulacan Ecumenical School
  3. 94% of Hungry Minds elementary graduates are on track to complete high school.
  4. Food for Hungry Minds School School Year 2010-2011 Grade 6 Class Rank 1 out of 80 schools in standardized Math tests administered by an independent company, Asian Psychological Services and Assessment (APSA).