HM Alumni Congress 2018

A week ago today, the first Hungry Minds Alumni Congress was concluded. 26 alumni, 8 speakers, and 9 staff members – we did it together! Sessions to help our alumni who are now working, preparing to join the workforce, or finishing College were conducted by a powerhouse cast of volunteers who spent part of their long weekend to serve these young adults.

Sharing some insights from the Congress:
“When you stop being afraid, you open yourself up to change and opportunities.”Nel, HM Manila, Batch 3, just finished BS Civil Engineering from De La Salle University-Manila

“Change is scary but it’s not all that bad.” – Katheleen, HM Malolos, Batch 2, finishing BS Math from University of the Philippines-Diliman

“Hungry Minds alumni have taken responsibility for building their future – “self leadership before they can lead others….” – Lani Gomez, HM Philippines President

“Meeting the alumni reminded me that the work I do is not in vain. The seeds I planted years ago have already grown into towering trees and have started to bud. Some need more nurturing while others need a bit of pruning so they can bear more fruit.” – Bevz, HM Teacher

Thank you to everyone who was part of this Alumni Congress! Wishing all our alumni the best in this phase of life!😊👍🏼

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