Fuel the Dream of a Hungry Minds scholar today!

Here are Hungry Minds updates and plans for the coming school year from Teacher Candy herself!

Please note that classes during the summer and in the beginning of school year 2020-2021 will be conducted remotely.

To invest in a Hungry Minds scholar:

  • High School: ₱18,000 (US$360) per year
  • College: ₱30,000 (US$600) per year

Sponsorship includes tuition support, allowances, supervision, and minimal administrative costs. Pledges for quarterly and monthly donations are accepted. Help these scholars help themselves and others in the future!

  • Donation Portals:- Online (viaPaypal): www.foodforhungryminds.org/donate
  • Bank Transfer/Check/Cash: Please send us a private message on social media or email info@foodforhungryminds.org for our bank details.

Fuel the dream of a child today. Sponsor a Hungry Minds scholar now!

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