Your trash, Our Treasure: Rummage Sale for the kids of Hungry Minds School

Last June 8, 2013, a group of Hungry Minds volunteers organized and conducted a rummage sale at Sacramento Library in Pandacan, Manila. This activity aims to raise funds for the benefit of the children of Hungry Minds School.

Old clothes, shoes, books, toys and other personal items were donated and were sold last Saturday during the said activity. Hungry Minds parents offered their time to help in conducting the rummage sale along with the other volunteers.

Rummage 2


The proceeds of the activity will provide meals for the children of Hungry Minds for this coming school year.

Hungry Minds would like to thank ALL the participants especially the volunteers who organized the rummage sale: Oliver, Tiffany, Roger, Vicki, Lea, Carol, Cristina, Malou, Yvette and Jeannie.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank the following donors:

  1. Employees of Navitaire
  2. JJ and Cres Yulo
  3. Mr. & Mrs. Gifford Chu
  4. Ms. Miren Sun
  5. Ms. Denise Doratan
  6. Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Chua
  7. Mrs. Carol Sevilla and family
  8. Mrs. Candice Ang and family
  9. Ms. Leslie Gabe
  10. Mr. Greg Navarro and family
  11. Ms. Stella Ramos
  12. Mr. Allan Mirasol
  13. Mrs. Gloria Mirasol
  14. Mrs. Hennie Co Yu
  15. Mr. Pancho Nibungco
  16. Ms. Marisa Marin
  17. Ms. Marilyn Chua-Go
  18. Mrs. Anita Ng
  19. Mrs. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan

Thank you for your continuous support to Hungry Minds School!