Student Feature: Angela

Angela rides a makeshift bamboo trolley that runs on railroad tracks to avoid traffic to and from school every day! Her teachers saw her (far left) on her way home from school. Now a Junior Biology major in Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), this Dept. of Science & Technology full scholar intends to pursue a masters degree in Microbiology and a doctorate afterwards!

Angela graduated from Hungry Minds in 2010. She went to Paco Catholic School with a high school scholarship from Hungry Minds and received her DOST scholarship soon afterwards. We are amazed at this young person’s dreams and aspirations and the hard work she puts in to make them happen!

Friends, your help is invested in lives like Angela’s. She is proof that given the support they need, Hungry Minds kids can go a long, long way! Thanks to all of you!

Congratulations and keep moving forward, Angela! We are cheering you on! :)